A safer school is a place where learning for children and teaching for teachers can occur in a resilient environment free of intimidation, risks and fears of disaster. AIDMI launched its New Website www.aidmi.org
Awareness Materials
Knowledge Products with Support of ASDMA: August 2012 to December 2013
Participation of Children: National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction Towards Development of Post 2015 (NPDRR) Quotes
Building Women Leadership in Assam for Disaster Risk Reduction: Celebration of International Day for Disaster Reduction Recognize the Efforts of Girls and Women
Education with Safety - Disaster Risk Reduction Day, October 10, 2012
Children Charter in local languages
Making Schools Safer against Disasters
Children and Youth as Partners for Disaster Risk Reduction
Student Safety Insurance Policy
National School Safety Programme
Ten Years of Safer Schools Campaign
Advocacy Campaign for Making Schools Safer